My workshops are designed to provide students with an environment to learn and experience something new, outside of the “normal” yoga class.
These workshops allow students to get a deeper insight into specific topics related to yoga and to expand their knowledge both in theory and in practice.

Whether it’s learning how to balance on the hands, basic yoga postures, sun salutations, partner yoga, yoga anatomy or breathing techniques … I share with my students what I have learned in my yoga studies in the last 10 years.

Upcoming Workshops

Yin Yoga & Sound Bath

Isha and I warmly invite you to this special event where we’ll unite the magic of Yin Yoga and the power of sacred sounds.

Sunday 01.03.2020
La Fuente, C/ Cercado 5

We’ll practice a floor based, passive Yin Yoga sequence where postures are held for longer periods of time. This allows us to observe the subtle shifts in both energy and physicality while stretching & stimulating the connective tissues & fascia in our body.
Isha accompanies the practice, and an extended Savasana, with enchanting sounds using chimes, singing bowls & other instruments to support body and mind to relax, restore & restress.