Thai Massage

The traditional Thai massage (TTM) is an ancient healing art that is said to date back to the time of the Buddha. It consists of passive stretching positions and stretching movements taken from yoga, mobilization of the joints and pressure point massages. Simplified, it can therefore be summarized as a combination of (passive) yoga and acupressure.

Come and let yourself be pampered from head to toe and enjoy moments of complete peace and relaxation! Feel how all your muscles are gradually stretched and loosened. The gentle rotation of your joints creates a new suppleness that spreads throughout your body. The intensive pressure massage from local points allows you to feel the positive stimulation right down to the internal organs. Chronic blockages and muscular imbalances can be dissolved with the Thai massage.

The massage is done on a floor mattress that allows for maximum comfort and mobility during the session. Loose and flexible clothing is recommended as no oils or lotions will be used and you’ll remain fully clothed.


Noa Drimer

“After a complete body session of 90 minutes I went out of Anya’s clinic uplifted! Both physically and mentally.
Anya’s touch is divine. She is very attentive and sensitive. She is very devoted and it felt much more then just a massage.
Her massage was a gift to my body.
Can’t wait for my next session ❤️”

Sonja König

“Anya gave me a massage of one and a half hours. it was my first thai massage and i didn’t know exactly what to expect. it was a very pleasant experience, full body movement and very firm touch. you can feel she is fully present and working with her breath. in this way the massage feels professional and natural in the same time. afterwards i felt very peaceful and relaxed and i can definitely recommend it!”

Ananda Woodcraft

“I had my first Thia massage with Anya, clearly very skilled, offering just the right amount of pressure as needed though out my massage. I felt relaxed and renewed. Can’t thank you enough truly very healing. Look forward to my next massage.”

Camille Raillon

“Moment extraordinaire de calme et de détente, Anya maîtrise l art du massage thai divinement. De manière a la fois douce et tonique ce massage fut un vrai moment de zen et de relaxation corporelle et mentale, merci mille fois”

Translated by google: “An extraordinary moment of calm and relaxation, Anya masters the art of Thai massage divinely. In a way that is both gentle and invigorating, this massage was a real moment of zen and of bodily and mental relaxation, thank you a thousand times”

Becky Fuego

“Anya is a wonderful masseuse with warm hands, she gave me a thai massage which was an active massage. I felt my body got so much from the massage. Anya has a great understanding of the body and i felt so relaxed afterwards (& stretched) . Would definitely recommend.”

Alicia Gobernado

“Una experiencia fantástica, las técnicas y energía de Anya reflejan una entrega hacia el paciente. Un lujo poder disfrutarlo en el silencio y la naturaleza del espacio.”

Translated by google: “A fantastic experience, Anya’s techniques and energy reflect a dedication to the patient. A luxury to be enjoyed in the silence and nature of the space.
Thank you”

Pingel Braat

“I can also recommend An Ya for a Thai massage. It is both a dynamic flowing as well as gentle massage that left me revitalised and energised and created a lot of space in my body. Anya brings clarity, detail, and both pleasant firmness and gentleness in her massage.”

Imi Ganz

“My Thai massage with Anya was deeply relaxing and wonderful. Anya is both gentle and forceful which is a great combination. She touched all of me in a detailed and masterly flow. I loved it and highly recommend you try it too.”

Steve Marshall

“I have just had the wonderful experience of a Thai massage in capable and gracious hands of Anya. This is the first time for so I had no idea what to expect. I was immediately put at ease by Anya as she worked on me from feet to head. The treatment left me feeling extremely relaxed and far more mobile in hips and shoulders. What a surprise was feeling quite emotional after as if some internal blockage had been removed. If you just want to treat yourself or for deeper reasons I can highly recommend this young woman. I will certainly be returning.”