Fay MacDonald

“Anya is the person who has truly invigorated and sustained my interest in yoga and the belief that I can do it! She is a fantastic teacher. I’ve done 1:1 sessions as well as classes and workshops. She’s recently started teaching Yin yoga which I’m enjoying and she’s worked on a retreat with me too, with wonderful feedback. Can’t recommend her enough x”

Gloria Impicciche

“Anya is a wonderful yoga teacher. She’s got so much love with what she does and she’s so compassionate with her students. Every class I did with her was a beautiful transformation, for mind body spirit and soul. Thank you so much and looking forward to more classes with you!!” 

Jo Bradley

“I have joined Anya’s classes in Nerja and she is a wonderful vinyasa flow teacher. Highly professional and experienced with a passion for what she does and with a truly important compassionate touch to her classes and the people who attend. Her vinyasa classes are wonderful and for everyone and any age. Thank you Anya! we miss you in Nerja!”

Cath, Mama Diosa Retreats, Órgiva

“Anya created a wonderful atmosphere and a calm pace. The practice was physically refreshing and mentally cleansing. She personalised the poses and gave me some ideas for my wrists which are painful. She also helped me with a pose I was struggling with. I liked that she was hands on as it helped me get the most out of the session and understand what to do and how things could be. Next time I would book her for every morning of the retreat!”

Deborah Kinley

“I highly recommend Anya to anyone who wants to learn or practice yoga.  She is passionate and committed to her art and to her students and she is flexible and patient when teaching her students.  I thoroughly enjoyed my classes with her and I was sorry that she decided to move away!”

Anita, Elmgreen & Dregset, Berlin

“Anja came and taught us yoga at the studio weekly for almost 8 months. It was such a pleasure to have her as a teacher and we all looked forward to our weekly yoga lesson after work. Having the chance to breathe, move, stretch, and reflect together as coworkers and friends was a great way to end our day. Yoga with Anja helped us relax and also helped relieve work-related tension, both mental, from stress, and physical, from sitting at a desk all day. We would highly recommend her as a knowledgeable, experienced, and kind yoga teacher.”

Cristián Andrade

“Comencé  a ir a yoga sin mucha motivación, sólo para probarlo, pero las clases de yoga de anya fueron un incentivo para que terminase gustándome tanto que ahora lo practico a diario.”

David Campos

“Anya, you are a great Teacher. I still Remember taking your class in Playa del Carmen , I really enjoyed listening to your voice , feeling your energy as you guided us through your flow. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.”

Natalie Hills

“I was fortunate enough to experience a few yoga classes with Anja. She was fantastic in acknowledging everyone’s varied levels of experience (I am a beginner) and she was patient when teaching us the basics. She has a calm and relaxing manner about her and I would certainly recommend Anja to anyone looking for a trustworthy yoga teacher.”  

Jennifer Sánchez

“Las clases de yoga con Anya fueron perfectas para mi. Yo había practicado poco yoga antes, pero en poco tiempo comencé a enamorarme de las clases y de la manera en la que Anya las impartía. Ahora el yoga forma parte de mi vida diaria. Recomendable 100% para cualquer persona sea cual sea su condición física o nivel de yoga.”

Feedback from ‘Equilibrio Retreat’ @ Hidden Paradise, Órgiva

“I think I enjoyed these yoga sessions more than any class I have experienced. I couldn’t bear to miss one session.”

“Brilliant teacher loved every single workout and wish I hadn’t missed the Wednesday one.”

“Started off a bit scared but thoroughly enjoyed it by the end of the week. Anya was great at adapting it to us.”

“Excellent teacher really enjoyed this.”